Dance with devils Fanfiction: Angel from hell

Dance with devils Fanfiction: Angel from hell

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jellywaffle By jellywaffle Updated Oct 25, 2017


It felt like a mile away. But I could see it right there. Out of my reach, If only they didn't hurt me, only if I didn't feel pain. My parents never believe on what I am, my wings of white but my eyes of red, disturbed them so. They talked to the big man upstairs to make me leave. But I couldn't leave; this was my home, the only place where I had friends that made me feel whole. But no. My parents never wanted happiness in my life. They cut my hair they did my blond hair was no more, now it was emotionless white, like clouds in the sky. 

Sadness is what I feel. What I felt for many years, being sent down stairs to where the big red man, he is my father now. He taught me many things. But many of the things made me see things, he showed me people covered in red milk that made my heart wilt. 

Over time I changed, changed for the good like but my new daddy says. My eyes as red as rose, my hair as white as snow. If only my parents could see me now they would be so proud. Daddy says I have to go to the middle realm to get my schooling done. He says they will be someone waiting for me. 

I wonder if I'm able to make happiness bloom in my heart. Or would I feel the same as I always did. But maybe just maybe, I get to feel a new feeling. That my parents never liked. 


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SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Sep 20, 2016
That is so me. 
                              *makes new friend, instantly clings to them so I'm not alone again*