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Behind closed doors (billdip) title changed.

Behind closed doors (billdip) title changed.

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Alice Cipher By AliceCipher26 Completed

Used to be Behind the curtains. 

Dipper and Mabel moved to GravityFalls after Dipper was rejected by his parents when he told them a secret. The guilt, confusion and bullying start to happen while he's at GravityFalls, but it will all change when one teenage magician and his sister comes to the small town.

No offense to any of the Brads out there it's just the name. I mean who has ever heard of a bully named Tommy? Oh even better Jimmy.
NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Oct 24, 2016
I take no offense being called a bunch of sticks because that just shows how stupid you are. Now shut the f up you 2 dimensional stereotypical blonde barbie with makeup and ribbons for brains.
Katsudon_Fujoshi Katsudon_Fujoshi Sep 24, 2016
My boobs are the smallest in my class. Im glad cause if i go to gym and if i got to do jump ropes or jumping jacks my boobs wont be annoying so yea. Why am i talking about my boobs now? Idk could be one of the worlds mysteries
NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Oct 24, 2016
Mabel is weird. You don't just ask your friend this. You say "Holy fück why the motherfücking hęll don't I have boobs like that you selfish bïtch!" Then you try to make your boobs bigger and hide in the corner while your friend comforts you. At least that's what my friend did
Sky_And_Mia Sky_And_Mia Jan 25
I will have your eyes as earrings,  your intestines as a scarf, and your skin as a dress.
TheRavenKnight TheRavenKnight Sep 25, 2016
I have the curves in my class, like not to fluffy not to skinny, just right in the center, I'm a hourglass, and I completely envy all girls with no chest..... Why? Because ALL THE GUYS LIKE ME FOR MY BODY!!!! XC IT SUCKS ASS THERE!!!! EVERYWHERE I GO GUYS LIKE ME FR ME BOD!!!!!~ ;n;