Behind closed doors (billdip) title changed.  Book 1

Behind closed doors (billdip) title changed. Book 1

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Used to be Behind the curtains. 

Dipper and Mabel moved to GravityFalls after Dipper was rejected by his parents when he told them a secret. The guilt, confusion and bullying start to happen while he's at GravityFalls, but it will all change when one teenage magician and his sister comes to the small town.

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ImprobableDreamer618 ImprobableDreamer618 May 20, 2017
*Listens to Press Start (AKA Dan's theme song)*
                              This is gonna be gooooddd
Gay2k18 Gay2k18 Apr 04, 2017
Me: *eye twitch* *slowly pulls out knife* Say it again, see what happens... *smiles creepily*
ShipperMeme ShipperMeme Nov 12, 2017
Me in his shoes: Yup now move before I give you a bundle of sticks or cancer
PscychoticFriend PscychoticFriend May 07, 2017
Brad is dead next on the list : Anyone who messes with one of my ships or my otp
Svidau Svidau Jan 29
I would totally be like Elizabeth but no one bullies anyone at my school
Dead_Inside_1984 Dead_Inside_1984 Aug 28, 2017
My friend used to never let anyone touch his hair when he was dating his girlfriend but then they broke up and he didn't care who touched his hair