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Is it love?/Tododeku Omegaverse  by _Awaiza_
Is it love?/Tododeku Omegaverse by Awaiza_#1tododekufan_
A normal tododeku omegaverse. However, theirs a story with these two teens. Hi! My name is Izuku Midoriya, I was born on July 15th XXXX in Japan. My favourite colour is...
Sad Bakugou ( Discontinued ) by LindsayIzaguirre
Sad Bakugou ( Discontinued )by life_sucks
This is NOT MY STORY credits to the actual owner @peepeepoopoo_pigzz I just wanted to write this because I thought I can change the story a bit. Basically, Bakugou has b...
Their Words Tattooed In His Veins by lahrateigh
Their Words Tattooed In His Veinsby LahraTeigh
Shinsou has tried so hard to ignore the writing on his skin, and the emotions that he feels. But he can't run forever. [OMEGAVERSE ~SOULMATES]
When Your Highs Are Low, Keep The Faith by lahrateigh
When Your Highs Are Low, Keep LahraTeigh
Find the Villain's hideout? (Check) Defeat the Villain? (Check) Find two kidnapped Omegas who have bonded with each other? (Chec-wait what?)
A New Beginning //Tododeku//Omegaverse// by keiyofrappe
A New Beginning //Tododeku// 🄺🄴🄸🅈🄾-🅂🄰🄽
Ever since the day Shoto and Izuku fought during the sports festival, Shoto always felt this odd feeling whenever thinking of being around Izuku. His heart would race a...
Tododeku Omegaverse by saitamasbitch
Tododeku Omegaverseby Saitama
Izuku Midoriya was a quirkless omega. The lowest of the low. When he finally got a quirk and got a chance to enter UA; Allmight and him decided it would be better if he...
Bakugou secret pup ( todobaku)  by cupcake1q
Bakugou secret pup ( todobaku) by cupcake1q
One day bakugou finds out that he's pregnant with todoroki baby aka pup.bakugou was going to have the pup in secret the only people that know are the teachers Bakugou pa...
My Alphas(TodoBakuDeku,Omegeverse,soulmate)(Adopted) by Cindy_wolf
My Alphas(TodoBakuDeku, Cindy_wolf
Izuku: Omega Bakugou: Alpha Todoroki: Alpha It's bad and gacha is used Adopted
I'M NOT WEAK (Tododeku) by emodeku1villian
I'M NOT WEAK (Tododeku)by Rose Thorns
My name is Izuku Midoriya and I am a omega. Most alphas think they can use me for there own selfish desires. But not this time, this time I have the upper hands. Just be...
yandere pastel todobakudeku [On Hold] by akira_space1
yandere pastel todobakudeku [On akira_space1
yandere au omegaverse au pastel au pastel deku- yandere omega pastel todoroki- yandere alpha pastel bakugo- yandere alpha ×maybe smut ×fluff ×slight dekubowl (deku...
Camp's love by Tamaki_PlusUltra
Camp's loveby Tamika
"I miss you" "you're not supposed to be here!!" He whispered/shouted trying not to wake his cabin mates up. "I don't care" The alpha walked...
THE KINGDOM by yinwar2226
THE KINGDOMby Anastasia
Different social classes have always existed in the world , but katsuki did not care. He never cared about getting a rich alpha like his mother always wanted ,But overni...
Toboroki x deku omniverse mpreg  by LevixEren1289
Toboroki x deku omniverse mpreg by LevixEren1289
this is my first time doing this, I am just asking you guys to bare with me this is my first time doing it on this one.
His Omega's Voice(rewrite) by h00lah00ps0ncrack
His Omega's Voice(rewrite)by h00lah00ps0ncrack
Izuku Midoriya has Liked shoto Todoroki for a while and the same goes for shoto. they are both oblivious to eachother but that all soon changes once they get hit by a qu...
Three as One by woahhhdenki
Three as Oneby dude
Izuku just got accepted into UA. All of his hard work with All Might paid off! But, there was a slight problem.. He was an Omega. An Omega in the Hero Course? Crazy rig...
His fangs and the others ears n tail by LineInZ
His fangs and the others ears n LineInZ
Todoroki is a vampire and Bakugo is a Werewolf. What could possibly go wrong? How about when a redheaded alpha vampire starts to take a liking to Bakugo? What if Bakugo...
I Got Chains, But You Got Wings  by lahrateigh
I Got Chains, But You Got Wings by LahraTeigh
Bakugou was getting pretty sick and tired of these assholes
TodoDeku ∫Pills∫ One-Shot (SMUT) by oipawa_toourp
TodoDeku ∫Pills∫ One-Shot (SMUT)by oipawa toourp
[Completed ఌ] Just a smutty one-shot of two UA students during one of their heats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (This one-shot was adapted from my YouTube channel) 〔DISCLAIMER〕 I do not o...
Thirsty by _explosion_girl_
Thirstyby _explosion_girl_
It's TdBk guys! My first TdBk story so please enyoj it. My OTP is obviously DkBk so it gonna be a little strange doing it. Anyway Katsuki is werewolf omega and Todoroki...