The Princess And The Chat • MariChat

The Princess And The Chat • MariChat

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Jamie By MeAreFluffy Updated May 06

Marinette has likes Adrien since the first day of school. Chat Noir has liked Ladybug since the first time they partnered up. Adrien has never shown an interest in Marinette and Ladybug has never shown interest in Chat Noir. But being Chat has opened Adriens eyes to see Marinette as the person she is. Marinette realizes theres more to Chat then the flirty, pun filled, cat she knows as Ladybug. 

(Art isnt mine unless I say otherwise)

(Characters belong to Hawkdaddy)

AnimeMacy64 AnimeMacy64 Jun 02
You don't suck at writing fanfics!
                              Your really good!
                              Keep it up!! XD
What the… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MARINETTE?! You went too far with pushing him away.
kkcrossy10 kkcrossy10 May 24
First of all, you don't suck. Whoever says that is a lier. Second, what did you do to him Mari?!?
ZuraPuddles ZuraPuddles Apr 26
True. Even Hawkmoth, he always says, "Now, get Ladybug's miraculous!" Sometimes he included Chat... Sometimes..
Owlkeys Owlkeys Jun 13
You are GREAT!!! You don't suck at all. And MARI WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!
No you're not! I'm having a Miraculous fanfic Marathon, and I really like yours so far!!