Different | Marichat [DISCONTINUED]

Different | Marichat [DISCONTINUED]

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Let's just say things took a very different turn.

Adrien Agreste or Chat Noir; Paris' famed superhero, has found himself in love with everyone's favorite bluenette, Marinette Dupain-Cheng after a ladybug-patterned umbrella was given to him as part of an apology when he mistakes Marinette's kindness for rude behavior during a chewing gum accident. Who knew Chloe could trigger such a wonderful event in time. All because this different turn in time Adrien's life has changed, now if only he could get himself to act normally around Marinette so his feelings wouldn't be so one-sided.

Marinette really is a normal girl with a normal life. There's not a single thing people don't know about her because she doesn't find special earring in her possession and unluckily neither does anyone else, causing major trouble for the city of Paris and a lot more work for Chat Noir.

On top of all of these wild feelings and trouble, Chat and Marinette meet on the street's, and with Chat's confidence in the suit, he can talk to Marinette with ease, how lucky. How can Marinette not fall for him! Even though this situation seems more than perfect, both of them can't seem to let any big confessions out leaving each of the two more than confused with their feelings.


I do not own any of the characters in this fanfiction all of them rightfully belong to Zagtoon and the creator of Miraculous, Thomas Astruc.

The cover's art belongs to Naturalwind0 on Twitter.

This story has been discontinued, and will no longer update, please keep this in mind.

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Mienkekie Mienkekie Mar 09, 2017
Wait I thought here's no ladybug and chat noir in this story?
VixenThunder VixenThunder Oct 16, 2017
It's great! still prefer original umbrella scene, but it still​ PAW-some
hiccstridspace hiccstridspace Jun 30, 2016
When you said t-t-ta-morrow I thought it said to make (witch is burrito in Spanish)