Mafia Love

Mafia Love

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 "Dont make me repeat myself kitten. Be a good girl, sit in the car and seal your lips" he whispered into my ears.

 But that whisper was not a normal one. It was threatening. I did as he said and he smirked and somehow I hated that smirk of his.

 Curiosity killed the cat but here curiosity killed me every minute every second.

 What happens when you see things you are not supposed to see???

The only way out is to get in.

 Arabella or Ara for short is taken away from her normal life and forced into living a life with the world's most dangerous mafia. She comes across a series of things which is not meant for her. One thing which is definitely not for her is the Mafia's head Adrian.
 Not accustomed to this new way of living there is alot of emotions.... Questions....fear....anger and love that Ara experiences. 

Will she be able to survive  a life like this??? 
Will she come out of all this ???
Will she lose herself at the course of time.???

  • action
  • billionaire
  • dangerous
  • dark
  • fear
  • fights
  • kidnap
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • mafia
  • murder
  • random
  • romance
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  • teen-fiction
What's with all these comments??
pooja22kar pooja22kar Feb 03
                              I'm looking for a book in which a girl got kidnapped and then auctioned and sold to the mafia lord who first time brought a girl just to make her his queen/wife to take the revenge of his first wife death he is a beast with a good Hart so if you guys know this book plz tell me
Hmn...his body's slender 
                              I think he's an uke or seme??
                              Definitely uke 😃
so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift.
QueenCapriForever QueenCapriForever 5 days ago
                              I'm paranoid so no thank you
                              February 19 2018
                              12:56 p.m.
Oh damn, those eyes.. that jawline... he has a beautiful face😍😍😂