Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLETED||

Just Another Badboy Story ||COMPLETED||

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He was just another typical Badboy.
      But with a little twist....
      Kyle Anderson may seem like your typical cliche 'Badboy' 
      You know, the flawless beauty, fit muscular body, charming and seductive personality with a hint of rebellious behaviour, captivating green eyes that lure in, contagious smile, good taste in branded clothing and vehicles, mysterious secrets and of course, the deep sexy voice that gives you the wild Jurassic park feeling inside your stomach.
      But, he was more than what his badboy facade gave out.
      More than what anyone would of thought...
      He was a mysterious figure that no one could figure out yet his seduction skills were irresistible.
      He was after all, just another badboy.
      Or so they thought...

First published 9 Feb 2016

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