The Only One He Ever Loved

The Only One He Ever Loved

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wavesofgreyxo By wavesofgreyxo Updated Jun 07, 2016

She crashed her lips on his, giving in to the desire. He smirked before kissing her back, his hands pulling her closer by the waist. Their lips moved in sync, fighting for dominance as the kiss deepened. Her hands snaked around his neck and her fingers ran through his perfect hair. His thumb found its way to her cheek and caressed it gently, as if it were meant to calm the storm within her. 

She heard someone clear their throat and instinctively jumped back, gasping for air and trying to find the source of the voice. It was Allison, standing by the door with a small smirk plastered on her face. 

"Riddle," Clara gave him a curt nod, her cheeks flustered as she straightened her uniform and walked towards the door where her friend stood. 

"Grey," Tom smirked and nodded back, watching her with amusement; never had he ever seen her so frenzied and so off-guard.

She was the only one to challenge his arrogance, the only weakness he ever had, the only one he ever loved. Oh, Clara Grey.

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SB_Scooby69 SB_Scooby69 Jul 31
I would have been like.
                              And where is this handsome young man?
I would reply "Really? You simply MUST introduce me to this handsome young man I would just adore to meet him."
JaiCourtneyMTeller JaiCourtneyMTeller May 06, 2016
I like the signature at the end may I ask how you can do that
Beautiful_Phenomenon Beautiful_Phenomenon Jun 26, 2016
Just wondering, but what is the woman's name? (The one from the picture)
Yes Please, I would like a picture very much, in fact.. could you laminate it?
DaviannaCora DaviannaCora Aug 04, 2016
I wish my signature was that cool when I sign my drawings....