V Card: The Marriage Plan (completed)

V Card: The Marriage Plan (completed)

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B 🖍 By YunqCraze Updated Dec 18, 2016

(studxstud) When should a stud lose her virginity?

This question crosses the mind of Bre. Venturing into the world of stud on stud couples, she is  simply curious. Questions like who's top? Or, who's bottom? 

Questions like these cross her mind on late nights alone. Not that she'll ever admit it.

She's about to figure it all out... when she meets Leah. Her new roommate and soon to be her worse nightmare...


Bre is very curious, yet extremely stubborn. Also, a huge stud4stud homophobe. 

Meanwhile, Leah is a lot more optimistic and open about her thoughts. Dealing with someone like Bre, she can't help but want to play around with her. Maybe even turn her thoughts around a bit?

Who would've known that Leah was who Bre was destined to be married to!