I need you (sterek story) [COMPLETED]

I need you (sterek story) [COMPLETED]

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Sammy By sterekxmalec Completed

*Sets in season 5*

Derek left with the Calaveras leaving his pack/friends. He really didn't want to leave... He didn't really want to leave the teenager he fell in love with, Stiles Stilinski. 
Stiles is trying to get over Derek leaving Beacon Hills with the Calaveras, it has been now a year since he left. Now that Malia had broke up with him, and Scott isn't forgiving him for killing Donovan, and his dad is drinking, there is one person that he needs the most right now, Derek.
What happens when Theo is trying to kill Stiles? Who is going to protect Stiles?

I own none of the characters from teen wolf! Credits go to Jeff Davis!

Please watch season 5 of teen wolf before reading this!

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REMNA946484 REMNA946484 Aug 17, 2016
This is freaking awesome love it!💛💙💛💙💛💛💙💛💙💛💛💙💛💛💙💛💛
FeelingTheColorBlue FeelingTheColorBlue Sep 22, 2016
I know you told me not to read your story but I'm reading it anyway 👍🏽😬
Manamohamadi Manamohamadi Mar 02, 2017
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