The Country Baby: The Little Things

The Country Baby: The Little Things

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Nathan and Kaylee are officially parents. So as parents they take turns for the worst. Everything is fine, but being parents they fight about the little things. So things go downhill. 

Being on her own at times, she will go out for anything to find her real parents. Old people come back into her life. She is reminiscing about her grandma. So will she go out her way just to get answers? Will she forgive the oldies? Can she connect to her grandma?

If you liked the first story I suggest you want to find out what's next....

Lol @Lighthouse60 you really need to read the first story to get the second one haha
Now I will have to go back and read the first one, but will start with this story.
Guessing Josh is the father of your baby. And Nathan is the new boyfriend. Chase is a friend also. Did everyone one know Josh before and they were all friends?
Lol no @Lighthouse60.. Josh is the ex boyfriend from back home, Nathan is the current bourfriend and baby daddy, and chase is her adopted brother. You do need to read the first book haha