The Selected

The Selected

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[COMPLETED] The royal palace was holding a competition choosing the most beautiful girls in the whole kingdom to compete. Their prize? Simple, they get to become the kingdom's next queen. 

Liana of Aris was happily living in her small town, she got free bread from their local baker, praising from her townspeople, and a family that loved her.

When the palace men came knocking on her door, she counted the benefits of joining the competition and went with it. It wasn't until she got to the palace that she discovered staying in the competition was harder than she thought. When she thought things couldn't get any worse, something horrible started happening in the palace. Only Liana noticed what was happening around her. 

Will anyone listen? 

Will she be able to save anyone?

Will she be safe?

***It may sound a lot like "The Selection" by Kiera Cass but trust me it's a lot different. If you liked "The Selection" or just the royalty genre, then I think you might like this.***

#27 in Historical Fiction 24/07/2018

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I saw that you said this sounded a lot like The Selection by Kera Cass. I saw this and wasn’t too happy about it. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but I think you should change the title or something. Just so it doesn’t mislead people.
wriiitcs wriiitcs Feb 27
I think the title is fine ^^ the theme of the book is a little similar but ultimately they are different books, people won’t be mislead if they have eyes and clearly if they’re reading this incredible work then they will do
Children literally run away from me when I try to be nice 😭
Anyone else imagining them all huddled together gossiping and day dreaming bout her? Haha stereotypical girls behaviour in a boy is hilarious- and vise versa 😂
Ccat1028 Ccat1028 Sep 05, 2017
It's so different from the selection. Similar concept yet so different!!
Ikr "health food" is ridiculous- I u want something unhealthy have it! Don't ruin it by making it healthy!