A World Forgotten

A World Forgotten

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Chrys By zdragonizhungriez Completed

(Y/N) isn't a mutant...but she is?  What's that all about?  On top of that, she's basically a free-lance comic book artist that people tend to shoot down.  Sheesh, the Avengers already did.  So what does she do?  She goes to the X-Men.  

A few issues with this...the team isn't comfortable having her around the X-Mansion without the Professor around.  Would you join me on this tail of tale? 

Edited version for any who read the first eight chapter original.
~I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING!  Have fun though~

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Oh I'm weak -picks up his hammer and smacks him across the face with it- And you said I was weak
LeiHanane LeiHanane Jun 23, 2016
For me...it depends on her mutant-powers...
                              ... ... ... ...
                              I vote mutant anyway ^w^ .
AnonymousAxis AnonymousAxis Dec 18, 2016
The author just broke the fourth wall. Deadpool, is that you?
That just mildly freaked me out Cuz my last name is Malcolm 😂
hic_jack_hiro_dashi hic_jack_hiro_dashi Oct 13, 2016
Even if your not a mutant you could still get in to the school you just have to have the right grades and scores