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Mend The Broken Spirit

Mend The Broken Spirit

49.9K Reads 2.3K Votes 13 Part Story
Ari By Evil-Bat-Cat Updated May 03

Tony Zucco meant to kill all three Flying Graysons, so it came to a surprise when one of them managed to remain alive. Instead of murdering the brat, he decides to do something much worse- he keeps him.

Bruce Wayne was present when the Flying Graysons fell to their deaths, and remembered that the youngest, Richard, had disappeared not too long   afterwards. Two years later, Batman finds a familiar, yet damaged child living with Zucco, and he decides to take him in. But will Dick have faith in him, or has all of his trust in humanity already been shattered?

Trigger Warning: Abuse and depression. This story is almost pure angst with tiny bits of fluff sprinkled in. You have been warned.

SinghUnicorn SinghUnicorn Nov 03, 2016 could put him in the naughty corner like a normal person -_-' or even better you could not give him work that is too much for him anyway
SinghUnicorn SinghUnicorn Nov 02, 2016
DICK! *growls* Tony. Zucco. *grabs him by the ear* YOU WANT SOME MATE?!?! *smacks him upside the head*
FearsomeSoul22 FearsomeSoul22 Sep 22, 2016
Mm. Of course. Let me just....
                              Die bish!!!! *smacks Tony* 
                              why you be literal?
SinghUnicorn SinghUnicorn Nov 19, 2016
Technically 12:01 is the next day and 12pm is kinda just in the middle ,right? Please tell me I'm right
FearsomeSoul22 FearsomeSoul22 Sep 22, 2016
.... Random thought;
                              You ever have that moment where you read a book, then you finish it. So you go to the next, then the book updates, and your like, 'uuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. I don't remember a thing about this story.' So you reread the whole thing? And your like, 'worth it.' Once tour done?
Signe_weird Signe_weird Jan 29
@abbyandthemike aww come on i just fixed that!!! 
                              But i totally get what u mean😂😜