Mend The Broken Spirit

Mend The Broken Spirit

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Ari By Evil-Bat-Cat Updated May 03

Tony Zucco meant to kill all three Flying Graysons, so it came to a surprise when one of them managed to remain alive. Instead of murdering the brat, he decides to do something much worse- he keeps him.

Bruce Wayne was present when the Flying Graysons fell to their deaths, and remembered that the youngest, Richard, had disappeared not too long   afterwards. Two years later, Batman finds a familiar, yet damaged child living with Zucco, and he decides to take him in. But will Dick have faith in him, or has all of his trust in humanity already been shattered?

Trigger Warning: Abuse and depression. This story is almost pure angst with tiny bits of fluff sprinkled in. You have been warned.

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Dark fanfics are always sad for me, yet I continue to torture myself with them.
Kudos to the writer on the accuracy in this. That's a common thing that abused children are told by their abuser.
*raises crowbar* YOU EVIL LITTLE BLEEP!!!! *smacks Zucco with crowbar*
I'm gonna be re-reading this until the update day because there are no good Robin/Dick Grayson fanfics.... Anywhere :c (Also cuz I love this book)
What's a happy story? As far as I know someone dies in every happy story, so...
For a second, I thought Zucco was like, a kind of food, or something. Weird.