Brothers Keep Her

Brothers Keep Her

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Nicole Starleigh By Starlately Completed

#1 in Dean x Reader! (August 2018)

You're tangled up in some business with the Winchesters, thanks to Dean's split-second decision to slay Death himself in the Season 10 finale. Can the boys save you from the fate they set in motion, or is it you who saves them? 

[Reader Insert]

He pushes his chair back and stands up, holding out his hand. 'C'mon. Dance with me.'

'I can't dance,' you protest, but Dean doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to music. 

He pulls your chair out and leads you up. 'Yes, you can.'

'Wait,' you say, reaching back to set your glass down. When he whips you back into his arms, your heart flutters. He smells like whiskey and clean cotton laundry soap and sweat, and for some reason, it's nearly as intoxicating as the drink. He sings in your ear as you sway back and forth in his arms like middle school kids at the spring formal. 

The song finally ends, and just as you start to pull away, he tightens his embrace when the plucky metallic twangs of Wonderful Tonight start floating toward the ceiling. 'No, no. We're not done yet.'


*I do not own any of the CW Supernatural TV show characters or the photos/videos added for the effect of the story. I own (reader insert) character, Jonah, Nanami, and the majority of this plotline with the exception of any and all mentions or referrals to Supernatural's televised plotlines on CW. All credit remains with original creators.*

PS - I want to work on SPN with the writers. Someday. Just throwing that out into the universe... :)

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-Lily-Winchester- -Lily-Winchester- Jun 05, 2018
I have had a love for mythology all of my life. It really interests me and I love learning about different cultures. I especially love Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian.
Firestar2001 Firestar2001 Mar 11, 2018
I’ve always loved mythology too! It’s really weird because I have no idea why
dapperini dapperini Jan 03, 2018
Is this an x reader book or what because the bio makes it seem like a Dean x reader and the story makes it seem like a Sam x reader but the title doesn’t say x Reader I’m so confused
-Lily-Winchester- -Lily-Winchester- Jun 06, 2018
Anyone read High Beams in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? That reminds me of that
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Aug 18, 2017
Oh, wait I read this already hehe. I'll read it again then. It's a really good book anyway.
Stab_Wound Stab_Wound Jul 21, 2017
I thought he was going to point to his stomach and show us were it hit the spot 😂😂😂😂😂😂