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Set in Stone (Gabriel x Reader x Dean) by callmewinchester_
Set in Stone (Gabriel x Reader x King Under the Mountain
The reader is dating Gabriel but then meets Dean and a lot of drama ensues *gasp* oh no whats gonna happen
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Supernatural - Season One {Reader insert} by BreathlessAbel
Supernatural - Season One { ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜʟᴇssᴀʙᴇʟ
READER INSERT Join the hunt . . . Summary- You are (Y/N) Scott and you grew up with the Winchester brothers. When a mysterious fire killed Mary Winchester the same night...
  • spnxreader
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Supernatural One Shots! by SiriuslyStupid
Supernatural One Shots!by Sami 🗑
Supernatural X Reader one shots and imagines! Most will be TFW but other characters will be in as well. All will be with a female reader. (SORRY I CAN'T WRITE FROM A BOY...
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Family - Supernatural x Reader x Avengers by proixah
Family - Supernatural x Reader x Layla
Will write a more detailed description later since this is in the works: An X-Reader fic about the Reader (female) who is in the Avengers, and their younger brothers, De...
  • supernatural
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  • avengersxreader
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Winchestered. [Supernatural Imagines] by fangirlingalloveryou
Winchestered. [Supernatural A. Winchester
One Shots/Imagines of Sam or Dean Winchester & Reader. Loving brothers, reading fanfiction, the fandom business. - Includes smut sometimes because I'm more okay with tha...
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I Still Love You|| Dean Winchester x Reader by waywardrose13
I Still Love You|| Dean waywardrose13
You loved Dean Winchester with all your heart, and that's what caused it to break so easily. You were blind from all the signs that were there, and when you finally foun...
  • supernatural
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Spn Imagines by Magpie_Productions
Spn Imaginesby Magpie_Productions
A collection of Supernatural oneshots and imagines. I will be taking REQUESTS so please feel free to ask.
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Supernatural Sibling!reader Imagines [REQUESTS OPEN] by AshidentsHappen
Supernatural Sibling!reader Qords
Supernatural (and maybe actor) reader insert one shots
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Supernatural Imagines by 57ChevyMetal
Supernatural Imaginesby 57ChevyMetal
**REQUESTS OPEN** This is my first time writing any form of Fanfiction, so requests and feedback are always welcome. Please note the first few are very, very bad pieces...
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Supernatural Imagines by TheImpalasOil
Supernatural Imaginesby uh what
This is going to be a book of imagines and sometimes preferences! Inside the first chapter (Introduction) will be a list of characters I'll write about, and more that yo...
  • demons
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The Family They Deserve by thegreatficmaster
The Family They Deserveby thegreatficmaster
Revenge. Vengeance. Payback. All things John Winchester could've chosen after the death of Mary. But instead, he chose love. He chose a future. He chose family.
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Supernatural x reader (imagines) by Black_Beauty432
Supernatural x reader (imagines)by Harleen quinzel
Supernatural Imagines I saw some of these and loved them so much I decided to make my own. I hope you enjoy. This will include: Castiel, Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Gabriel, C...
  • winchestersxreader
  • 2018
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Dean Winchester x Reader by felicityss
Dean Winchester x Readerby Cassie ⚡
Here's a few OneShots of Dean Winchester I've written and published on my tumblr ! Enjoy :)
  • supernatural
  • wattys2018
  • spnfanfiction
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The Coffee girl  by CuteCarolyn
The Coffee girl by Carolyn😴
What happens when you meet Dean Winchester at a coffee shop? Y/n:Your name Y/f/c:Your favorite color Y/e/c:Your eye color Y/f/m:Your favorite movie Y/f/h:Your favorite h...
  • fanfiction
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Clueless~ A Jack Kline FanFic by LexisKline179
Clueless~ A Jack Kline FanFicby LexisKline179
The evil son of Lucifer... or not? What happens when Alexis Everett has to help Sam and Dean deal with the nephilm? -Alexis Everett was practically raised with the infa...
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spn imagines by jumbowinchester
spn imaginesby cameron alexis faye
just a bunch of spn imagines. if you enjoy reading these, please leave a comment and feel free to vote! 🖤 always keep fighting.
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Adam Milligan Oneshots by thegreatficmaster
Adam Milligan Oneshotsby thegreatficmaster
The forgotten brother deserves some love sometimes, and these oneshots are just for him!
  • adammilliganimagines
  • supernatural
  • spn
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Spn edits by ShannonDoak
Spn editsby Shannon Doak
Supernatural cast and character- preferences, X reader, imagines, and other supernatural things
  • supernatural
  • deanwinchester
  • jared
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Supernatural Imagines by KaylaBignall
Supernatural Imaginesby Clique as Frick |-/
Random imagines and the occasional preference. They will include Dean, Sam, Castiel, and other characters possibly. If you have a request for an imagine or a character...
  • samwinchester
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Jensen Ackles Oneshots by thegreatficmaster
Jensen Ackles Oneshotsby thegreatficmaster
Oneshots with the hottie-Jensen!
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