Malik For Student Body President {Ziam Student/Teacher}

Malik For Student Body President {Ziam Student/Teacher}

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"Zayn, have you ever thought of running for Student Body President?"
"No, sir,"
"I think you should try,"
"Anything for you, Mr. Payne,"

Zayn Malik is your average teenager. He runs the school newspaper, likes video games, and has a secret crush on his English teacher, Mr. Payne. For him, everything he wants is just out of grasp, that is, until he runs for Student Body President. And suddenly, things just start to work out for him, including a relationship that is so wrong and so right at the same time.

Or, the one where Zayn is in doing something illegal, Mr. Payne supports it, and Louis is the best and worst person ever.

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I just said "WOT" out loud, it's 1:20am and my family is asleep, I really hope I didn't wake anyone up.
The curls, the tattoos, the body, the voice, the eyes, the smile, haz it is not just the curls