Tether: Abominations and Miscreations

Tether: Abominations and Miscreations

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Cameron Cook By FreeLove Updated Mar 29, 2016

Monsters are real. They have been for a very long time, but have learned to hide themselves well.  Clarine Denz is one such monster, perhaps the worst of the lot.  She's a killer, she's delusional, she has lost hope and she has no sympathy for others.  To her humans are just toys to play with and discard when the bodies stop moving.  She's also a lost girl with no true purpose who has nothing left to lose.   

At her lowest point she's fed a memory that's not her own.  This memory is of a young man, Neel Ashe and his confrontation with a mysterious creature.  This gives Clarine purpose and Neel a massive headache.  What does the creature want?  Why is it haunting Neel, and what makes Clarine deserving of its memories?  Clarine will have to cross the continental US to find her answers, and Neel will be forced to deal with his demons on his own until then.

To make matters worse darkness is spreading from the north, each day its shadow fingers reaching further and further into populated areas.  Join an adventure to discover what Clarine is, what the creature haunting Neel wants, and how these two unlikely heroes are meant to save humanity from extinction.

Please be warned, the story will include violence, vague depictions of sex, and light cursing.

cover by @seventhstar

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