The Guard

The Guard

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"Have you found her yet?!" a man sitting on chair asks impatiently.

"No, my lord," the soldier says bowing his head.

"Well what are you doing here then?" asks the man with anger.

"Um- well."

"Well are you going to answer or are you just going to stand there like a fool!" he says rudely.

"Ah well you see. There are a lot of guards around her and we...the soldiers don't know how to get past all of them without being seen."

"So make a plan. I give you one job and you can't do it yourself. You should pity yourself!" the man says standing up abruptly making the chair fall.

"Well we do have a plan, my lord."

"Okay," the man says staring at the soldier, "Tell me!" he adds when the soldier stays quiet.

"We were wondering if we could kill them all by making a trap."

"Okay then kill them," the man says with no mercy.

"Yes, my lord. We will leave tomorrow," the soldier says bowing his head and leaves.


When Arielle gets kidnapped by her mate, she is introduced to a completely new world that changes her life forever.

A mate that is the strongest guard werewolf alive. The one that everybody fears. The one that has Arielle as a mate. Against her will, Arielle is taken away from her world and thrown into another world. A world where everything she imagined was real. A world where people into turned into beasts that could not be controlled. 

But one day Arielle meets people that she shouldn't have; people that have been after her for years. What happens when she discovers things that she shouldn't have? What happens when old wounds are opened, betrayal is played and love is found?

Witches - Check

Vampires - Check

Cliché with a twist - Check

Action - Check

Like the sound of that then why not try the book? 

Werewolf #15 and Fantasy#615

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ValTron25 ValTron25 6 days ago
I have a hard even starting a book that has typos in the summary.
_queen_of_winter _queen_of_winter Dec 31, 2015
This author should have at least 26k of followers! She deserves it.
shesayssheknows shesayssheknows Apr 03, 2015
This is quite a good blurb, but a confusing one! I would take out the top bit if I were you. It kind of gives off too much info, therefore it is a little confusing.
Frosty-_Bladez210 Frosty-_Bladez210 Mar 27, 2015
Anyone find it weird that the captain doesn't do it on his own and trys to make the soldier feel bad?
WorldOfLetters WorldOfLetters Jan 17, 2015
Hi! It's great that you start off with a dialogue and there's immediately tension. I noticed some small mistakes: 'ore' should be 'or', you should put a comma after 'well' and 'on chair' should be 'chair'. Good job, though!
- - Dec 15, 2014
What i it's the good bad:
                              This book bad, this book hood. This book does stuff that your book wish it could.