The Wretched and Divine Series Book II: Let Shadows Die ✘ {#Wattys2016}

The Wretched and Divine Series Book II: Let Shadows Die ✘ {#Wattys2016}

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Misaki & CatLoves_BVB By BrittanyLe3 Updated Oct 14

~Sequel to The Unspoken~

~After realizing they were living amongst the real world all this time, Angel, Andy and the guys have to pick things up from where they are, and live as normal human beings; despite the fact that they really aren't. Angel and Andy are trying to maintain a healthy relationship, and Jinxx's past is suddenly showing itself from the dark to come and haunt him. 
What will all of this come out to be in the end?~

(On hold/slow updates)

Cover by: @SurroundedByThorns

I'm assuming Jinxx is one of your top favorite members of the band huh? Bc you sure seem to be fond of him, but that's cool😀
Sears13 Sears13 Jun 17
Id say that Ashley or Andy have the most. Everyone has one sleeve and a few more here and there. But Ashley has two sleeves and Andy has a sleeve but if you take all of his other tattoos and put them on his arm, I'd say it would be about another sleeve and then some. But that's just my opinion.
but you got to kill things before. why would you give that up for 'normal' lives?
Langdon as in Tate Langdon oops noticed I did the same thing when you mentioned Ronnie in the first book
moonclan01 moonclan01 Jan 25
I love it! I'm over joyed! I'm to happy! I love it! Good job! 
                              Ok sorry I was really happy back there. Not I'm back to my emotionless type self. Good job on the book.