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Not A Pet - Bucky Barnes X Reader

Not A Pet - Bucky Barnes X Reader

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Berjhawn Gideon By BerjhawnGideon Updated Jun 02

There is a secret species that makes up 0.001 of the Earth's human population. That species is the Werecat. There are many different types of werecats ranging from your average housecat to the mighty lion. Naturally they live in our everyday society and they look exactly like an average human; that is until they get excited, scared, or go through an emotional trauma. Unbeknownst to most of the world they live their lives normally. Only males are born werecats. No one knows the reason or why it comes out that way. There has only been one record of a female Werecat having been born hundreds of years ago but there's not much knowledge about her. You're probable wondering how werecats are born if there are only males to pass down the line. 

When werecats mate with a human that child becomes a half breed unable to take Werecat form but is able to pass the gene onto another. If a half breed and a Werecat mate, then their male children become werecats. For hundreds of years the werecats have lived in peace that was until the unexpected happened and a miracle was born. A female Werecat, and a black panther at that.

- - Mar 28
This is so cute and my actual nickname irl is Kitty or Kitten 😊 #WhenAccuracyComesThrough