How to Tame a Cat (ManxMan)

How to Tame a Cat (ManxMan)

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- Canines are born of the pack -

'What the public doesn't know makes the world safer.' That is the saying of the supernatural underworld. Creatures of myth have walked alongside humanity for centuries. There have been a few bumps in the road, but their secrets still remain secret. While nothing is really done to keep order, it is common sense not to tell your human neighbor that you drink blood to survive or that you can turn furry whenever you please.

- Ursine live in solitary comfort -

Cade Wilson is a cat, in all senses of the word. He talks like a cat, he acts like a cat, and, whenever he pleases, he turns into a cat. And to a cat like him, the college environment isn't exactly pleasant, meaning he spends most of his time at home. It's his first year out of high school and he isn't having a whole lot of fun. But when he tries to change it up a little by 'socializing', his life becomes complicated. And he doesn't like complicated. 

- Felines exist for the hunt -

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I don't know if this is quite the response you're going for, but he's honestly adorable
dude, I'm here to see you with a boyfriend not a bitch(practically I'm degrading myself)
I honestly don't find college tests that difficult..... Maybe it's just because the high school classes I took each year were always considered "advanced" ones; maybe the tests just get harder with each year that goes by and I haven't reached that point yet.
Omg yes like I'll do this. Like I know when someone tells me to do something it's most likely for my own good but to certain people I just love to make things hard for them
I NEVER give my phone out to the teachers. I am soul bound to my cellular device, and will never part with it. If they ask for my phone, I just tell them I don't have one. 😖😔 I'm so attached...
21SdotA 21SdotA Nov 30
lol,know how that feels,try credit hours system,to pass a class u need more than 60% of the total