Remember Me (KTHTLA book 3){Complete}

Remember Me (KTHTLA book 3){Complete}

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"This right here, is a necklace. Not just any necklace, 20 years ago, it was said that this necklace have the power to bring things to life. Including an anime character from an anime book. This necklace came with the an anime book. That anime book later turned into a novel. It was a big sale in 2012, during 2015, all the copies of the book was told to return to the author and later on was burned. Why was it told to return and why was it burn? Well, because, like I said, the necklace , it bring things to life including anime characters. Because of this necklace and the book, an anime character name v, came to life. As soon as he came out, he met a girl. Let's just say the story of those two were sad. V have to go back to the book because the necklace was burned. But 3 years later, with the help of a shaman, he came back, but in a different person's body. As the story continues, a soul from the book also came back. He came to get his revenge. It was the day of the boy and girl's wedding, that soul, kidnapped the girl, which makes v came to his hands. As the boy and girl ran away from him, they end up at a cliff. Without any choice, the two lover jump to their death. It was said that the girl land on a hard rock, breaking every cell in her brain. It was said that if it was meant to be and if reincarnation is real, these two will met agian, on rainy days. Why on rainy days? Because their past life was a sad story." she said as the students take notes.

"What was the girl's name?" One student ask.

" the girl's name was," she look at me, " Hyuna, Jung Hyuna." 

Remember Me is the third book to Kim Taehyung The Living Anime sequel.

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Lmao wtf this sound effect actually ended up happening for a dramatic scene XD
- - Jun 15
                              WHAT iS HApPEnInG
                              I DUN UNDERSTAND 
                              IS HE A GOOD KOOKIE NOW AnD NOT SOME BURNT ONE??
- - Jun 15
He asks that instead of "How do I keep seeing her?" is their town that small? smh
- - Jun 15
He didn't tell her his name during their first meeting...? Moreover, if he told her his name wHY DIDN'T SHE WRITE It DOWN?! UUUUUGH LIfE
- - Jun 15
Oh shiteu is she on her period too? Must've been awkward for V if he saw blood pouring out her own v
Omg is it possible taeyeon made another novel thingy or whatever to bring hyuna and taehyung back???????