I Found You {Jeff The Killer X Reader}

I Found You {Jeff The Killer X Reader}

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♥︎ Kate Quintanar ♥︎ By XxTheFairyQueenxX Completed

The blood rushed over my body, heart beating, world spinning. It was a whole new world, I never knew something so bad could feel so good. The blood on my hands, the scream of their voices- I've done it. I've killed my first victims.

This was the first murder in 2 years in our small town since Jeffery.. Now I know why he did it. The feeling, eating inside you, craving to get out. I stood there, staring at the bodies. I heard the sirens- growing closer, closer... And that when I saw him. Standing in the back yards corridor. Smiling, eyes not moving from my sight.
"Found You." And that's when he grabbed my hand and ran.

A new adventure began;

My mom would kill me if she saw me running off with a stranger... Oh wait, I already killed her myself, didn't I? *grins like a lunatic*
JoeyGraceffa025 JoeyGraceffa025 Dec 21, 2016
No...im like this bc of 3 stupid Bullies....last year Grrr.. I HATE them!😐😐😐😐😡😠
When I was young, I had a fascination with strings and taking stuff apart. It was always fun ripping apart a Barbie doll then reassembling it or just needlessly tampering with things.
Funny how her only character development is in her final moment.
JoeyGraceffa025 JoeyGraceffa025 Dec 21, 2016
Yeah in reality, I wear chains and stuff, black, Grey and Red, I'm Bipolar kay?yet I'm in 6th grade...im bitter like you described in the story
zoey0610 zoey0610 Dec 23, 2016
Yeah sure if love to after i died went to hell and back plus lets not forget get tortured by demons slam my head in a car door about 20 times and remember that I lost my sanity and killed you after you said that