I Found You {Jeff The Killer X Reader}

I Found You {Jeff The Killer X Reader}

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♥︎ Kate Quintanar ♥︎ By XxTheFairyQueenxX Completed

The blood rushed over my body, heart beating, world spinning. It was a whole new world, I never knew something so bad could feel so good. The blood on my hands, the scream of their voices- I've done it. I've killed my first victims.

This was the first murder in 2 years in our small town since Jeffery.. Now I know why he did it. The feeling, eating inside you, craving to get out. I stood there, staring at the bodies. I heard the sirens- growing closer, closer... And that when I saw him. Standing in the back yards corridor. Smiling, eyes not moving from my sight.
"Found You." And that's when he grabbed my hand and ran.

A new adventure began;

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galaxycake8 galaxycake8 Apr 12
im ganna say this rigt now : Author-chan i am beautiful but i cant say anything else
And if y'all still hatin then embarrassed the hate comments and think of you her as compliment instead of insults
I_Am_Human_ I_Am_Human_ Apr 16
ONE ITS JUVIE AND TWO YOU TAKE THE PERSON TO COURT FIRST. Sorry I've been watching too much fosters, I'm just giving you a hard time. Love the story so far
Creatively_Dead Creatively_Dead 4 days ago
Why do they have a jail cell in school? Hm? WHO IN THER RIGHT FUCKIN MINDS PUTS A JAIL CELL IN SCHOOL?!
Peppapiglife Peppapiglife 5 days ago
Like cutting open a baked potato with sour cream and cheese and green onions mmmm  mmmm yeah I like cutting open things.👌
wowies14 wowies14 Mar 30
I just wanna say that anyone who reads this will possibly be inspired to kill someone 😂