Tronnor One-Shots

Tronnor One-Shots

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TracobSmut By TracobSmut Updated Jul 26, 2016

Warnings:  crossdressing, rimming, very slight bondage, orgasm denial, dom/sub dynamics, daddy kink, kinda public sex a little bit

Word count: 2,200
This is a little late for Christmas, but enjoy!

Connor's POV

I slammed the car door as I got out, unbuttoning my jacket, I walked up to my work on December 24th. When I heard we would be working on Christmas Eve, I was furious that I couldn't go home for Christmas. An email was sent out to everyone who had to work that said missing would result in termination. I knew I couldn't call in sick or skip. I also knew that I had to set an example for the rest of the people under me, knowing since I was in a place of power people would wonder where I am.

As I entered the building I greeted the women sitting at the front desk, who had bags under her eyes as they were were glued to her computer screen. She's briefly looked up only to look right back down mumbling a hello. I continued on through the doors to the ground floor. All around I heard t...

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lavenderstarz lavenderstarz Oct 12, 2017
Forever at Christmas I will think of this story (plz bring me some holy water )~amen
1-800-SAPPHIC 1-800-SAPPHIC Jun 17, 2016
He's about as straight as that guy over there *points to Tyler Oakley* with the rainbow slinky in his hand 0-e
-idwwmt -idwwmt Dec 15, 2016
Fun fact: I read this when I was on a really long drive through Alabama
liightyears liightyears Jun 16, 2016
                              BMTH? No one? kay.
twentyoneducks twentyoneducks Oct 08, 2016
The fact that I kind of wanna see these pictures has me concerned.
030cookies 030cookies Aug 09, 2016
Then I'll squeeze your booty real hard, like i'm kneading dough