i'm his wifeyy book 1|| bts jungkook

i'm his wifeyy book 1|| bts jungkook

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❝ You're going to get married. ❞

My smile faded. No no no are my parents serious? I'm just an 18 yrs old girl who's obsessed with cereals and i'm sooOo not ready to be a wife. How do I survive? Hatred? Pure love? Confused.


❝ Love doesn't have any walls in between, but there will be others who will build walls and traps for us so that we'll never end up with each other. ❞

Their tragic love journey is too complicated. Lies, misunderstandings, tragedy, confusion, death. Why is it too hard just for them to stay by each other's side? Will their love telepathy reach to the end?


this ff is purely mine and if there's any similarities, hmu about it! thank you for reading darlings ♡
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"Who would?" One does not simply not fall in love with Jungook 👌
My Dad calls me ChimChim.....He doesn't even know what BTS is and he called me ChimChim even when I was still a baby ._.
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Lmao im 13 and my dad doesnt call me a lot?? Cause he's at work when i wake up so
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I come to school because i want to get away from my house lmao
What I thought before I became obsessed with kpop and before I was a hardcore army.
I come to school to get away from home, then all day I just want to go home.