i'm his wifeyy book 1| jeon jungkook

i'm his wifeyy book 1| jeon jungkook

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❝ You're going to get married! ❞

My smile faded. An arranged marriage between an eighteen year old girl and a boy from two different business companies owned by their family and the reason had always been for wealth and 'business' itself. It was almost like every typical book I had read before, no way, is this for real?

❝ I thought our love was another cliché story until I realized it wasn't that easy. ❞


Their tragic love journey is too complicated. Lies, misunderstandings, tragedy, confusion, death. Why is it too hard just for them to stay by each other's side? Will their love telepathy reach to the end?

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Alright. Time to catch these hands *calls eomma Jin* bring your pan. We got work to do
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                              YOU LOVE ME
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I was that ugly cucumber *starts a dramatic story* long ago in the land of cucumbers lived a girl in a kingdom... let me stop myself from talking
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KOKO CRUNCH?! sorry but that’s the only thing on my mind rn