i'm his wifeyy book 1| jeon jungkook

i'm his wifeyy book 1| jeon jungkook

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❝ You're going to get married. ❞

My smile faded. No no no are my parents serious? I'm just an 18 yrs old girl who's obsessed with cereals and i'm sooOo not ready to be a wife. How do I survive? Hatred? Pure love? Confused.


❝ Love doesn't have any walls in between, but there will be others who will build walls and traps for us so that we'll never end up with each other. ❞

Their tragic love journey is too complicated. Lies, misunderstandings, tragedy, confusion, death. Why is it too hard just for them to stay by each other's side? Will their love telepathy reach to the end?


this ff is purely mine and if there's any similarities, hmu about it! thank you for reading darlings ♡
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xx winwinneul

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Idk. I've never been to detention before and she always know when I have to stayback in school so she doesn't get worried..yeah
aeirenlee aeirenlee Oct 24
I have already forget that incident but reading this reminds of it again......
my mom will scold me while Im just sitting and nodding like a biatch
Alright. Time to catch these hands *calls eomma Jin* bring your pan. We got work to do
mochi-elic mochi-elic Sep 06
My elder sister tells me to shut up when im not talking lmaOOO
My parents are like those on and off kind of people. They could be strict af at times but can be nice sometimes. They're mostly strict and say harsh words to me and compare me to my older siblings and judge me haha