Way of the Laoch (Book 2 Of The Shíoghra Series)

Way of the Laoch (Book 2 Of The Shíoghra Series)

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Rebecca By Scottish_writer Updated Mar 15

A war is now brewing. 

One that threatens more than just the lives of Ceana and her fellow Laoch. With Braen and the Roman soldiers of the ninth legion planning to take over, Ceana must join the clans and tribes of the people in Caledonia if she is to be able to fight off his inevitable attack. 

She still wants answers. Her memories are still hidden from her and Castiel and Donnchadh seem to be hiding more secrets from her than she thought possible. Trusting the right people will prove to be more difficult than first hoped.

Will she be able to gain the forgiveness of the gods, or will Braen get to her before she has the chance at redemption.

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tbex101 tbex101 Mar 23, 2016
Can't wait for Ceana to meet some Vikings!  I hope they choose to help
tbex101 tbex101 Mar 23, 2016
So happy you decided to keep going!! Loved this chapter, good start
zoesands zoesands Jan 29, 2016
Ooooo I can't wait for the introduction of Vikings. Bet there'll be a few very memorable characters! 
                              I adore the way Castiel is letting her find her feet. And that she slowly gaining the confidence she'll need for the update and coming trials and battle. Great chapter honey!  Zxx
ChloeLogan0 ChloeLogan0 Jan 20, 2016
Great first chapter ! Glad to have you back writing again ! I've missed Castiel and Ceana !
stolenhours stolenhours Jan 20, 2016
ahh, so excited that you are back at this story, but man, my mind is reeling trying to figure out whose life was taken for Castiels, sure time will tell but, ahhh!
zoesands zoesands Jan 20, 2016
Brilliant first chapter honey! Can't wait to find out what the true cost was of bringing Cas back. And I bet her father's not finished causing trouble! Zxx