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Rise of an Alpha Female #Wattys2016-Book 1

Rise of an Alpha Female #Wattys2016-Book 1

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A.C.  Gruptay By wiselight Completed

COMPLETED#61 in Werewolf on the 6th of October 2016.
  Her father has been grooming her to at least lead by his side since she was a little girl, and in time she has come to believe it is her right to rule. 
  But most do not agree. She is only a woman. Meant for other things. Unfortunately, she is the only heir of the Alpha, and there has never been an Alpha Female in the pack's history. 
  A trial by combat for the Alpha position is one option, but from the pack, only males are allowed to participate. 
There is danger in that process, however, because when a trial by combat for the Alpha position is held, enemy Alphas can also participate, giving them a chance to grab power, all the territory and willing members in a single victorious fight all the while leaving those unhappy with the new leadership with the only other option of exile, losing everything they have.
  What could she possibly hope to do to break the old, traditional way of how females are seen to be little more than wives and second line supporters of the males in the pack?
  Some say that if she finds a mate that becomes Alpha, making her a Luna would be an acceptable compromise, but for whom?
  And even then, what kind of male wolf would accept such a dominant female partner? Probably... none.
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Geez the boys didn't even sorry or anything like that to her 😤🤔
I swear I love strong main female characters!! So in-powering❤️
Get yourself a man who treats you like the Alpha treats his Luna
bookmunchies bookmunchies Aug 12, 2016
Ocean water is undrinkable even if it's not contaminated, it's salty.
lsrofe lsrofe May 11, 2016
Little more detail in this chapter got me a bit more interested. I'm curious what she thinks about finding a mate. Is it duty or is she truly excited about it?
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Aug 05, 2016
Very Interesting book So far so good keep up with the good work 😀 😀