Rooming With Mr. Uptight || Ereri ||

Rooming With Mr. Uptight || Ereri ||

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~Outie~ By _buttplugs_ Updated Aug 11, 2016

{Modern AU}

With a dark past, college starter, Eren Yaeger is roomed with the even darker past man named, Levi Ackerman. Due to Eren's hot-headed and persistent personality and Levi's no bull-shit and strict personality, they don't get along very well. That is until they are forced into attending a party. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Attack On Titan or the characters from it. They all belong to their rightful owner, Hajime Isayama. 

*{Rated Mature: Alcohol Use, Strong Themes, Violence, Language, and maybe some lemon \(◎o◎)/}*

Like I said, maybe.... Don't get your hopes up my little pervs. >\\\\<

                              a kawaii potato....
                              Sasha...please put Eren the kawaii potato down he is not just a potato, he is a gay kawaii potato!
Babyjean237 Babyjean237 Nov 23, 2016
YASSS I LOVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE!!😍(not being disrespectful to Eren's feels im just sayin😓)
I feel like im at school and this is a fill in the blank question
                              Oh no. Poor Eren.
                              Did he say his converses were /dirty/?
                              Levi is going to kill him the moment he steps in the door.
SparkleFace80 SparkleFace80 Jul 19, 2016
This reminds me of when my older sister and my mom would fight
FishboonieRoboEmpire FishboonieRoboEmpire 20 hours ago
*has already had erwin ruined for me by other stories, doesnt care anymore* i cant care what the stories do to him anymore ill just like him anyway so iz good.