Gangs || Cake (Completed)

Gangs || Cake (Completed)

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Cutie By kittiemikey Completed

Mr Hemming's and Mr Hood are both gang leaders. 

They both share the same hatred for each other, but they have put their hatred behind each other and continued on.

Until one day when Mr Hemming's makes a deal with Mr Hood.

If Mr Hood completes a task for Mr Hemming's, he will be forgiven for the things he has done.
Mr Hood fails and Mr Hemming's makes an offer.

Either he get's to kill Mr Hood, or he takes his son. Which will it be? The latter.

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Well srry to break it to u kid but your bday is gonna b a shitty suprise😂👍
Wow, father of the year award goes to you (note the sarcasm)