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The Blog [cake 5SOS] - completed

The Blog [cake 5SOS] - completed

18.8K Reads 1.3K Votes 30 Part Story
Kimmy By close_as_strangers_7 Completed

It's 2012. Luke is deeply in love with his fellow bandmember Calum Hood.
Unable to speak his feelings, he starts a blog under the code name 'Penguin'.
Only he didn't expect Calum to ever read it.


~800 words/chapter

Completed :)

Kimberly de Lacy © 2015

whenstheweddingcake whenstheweddingcake Sep 29, 2016
Rereading because it's holidays and I have all the time in he world for reading :3
whenstheweddingcake whenstheweddingcake Jul 27, 2016
I have an Ashton guitar, I call it Ashton for obvious reasons
Farah_Ardinii Farah_Ardinii Dec 30, 2016
@Natashathenut you're in a cake fanfic, Tasha what are you doing here? 😂😂
Senserstarshine Senserstarshine May 08, 2016
Reading again because I'm bored and totally don't have an exam tomorrow 🙃