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Secret Life

Secret Life

351K Reads 10.9K Votes 33 Part Story
melanietjones321 By melanietjones321 Completed

Emma also known as "panther" Is the best street fighter in her state (it doesn't help having a abusive dad), but is also her schools biggest nerd.
  Luke is the schools bad boy and also a street fighter named  "Thunder" But when Luke fights Panther and LOSSES Luke well stop at nothing to find out who the mysteries Panther is.
  Meanwell at school, what we'll happen when the schools biggest nerd and the schools bad boy get partnered up for a history class project?
  Well Luke learn her secret?
  What we'll he do?
  ~Read to find out~

#294 in teen fiction 1/12/17
 ~Okay this book is in the process of being edited, I know there are many spelling errors just please do not leave hurtful or how a word should be spelled in the comments. 
Thanks: Melanie~

SofiraCloud SofiraCloud Apr 25, 2016
Sorry if I'm gonna sound rude, it's just I like to help people with mistakes and stuff. 
                              1) An apple
                              2) Lower case apple.
                              3) walked in, not it.
                              4) I like your story and it's only the first chapter.
SolarStarOfDeath SolarStarOfDeath Apr 08, 2016
Nice job a little short but more enthusiasm and descriptions
AwkwardIntrovert AwkwardIntrovert Nov 18, 2016
I love your name. That's one of my favourite singers (Melanie Martinez) and my grandmothers name. It's beautiful. And it's okay that it's short. It sounds very interesting and good ;)
Could you guys please check out my story? Thankssssssssssssss
jzartuche jzartuche Apr 30, 2016
When it said white vans I was like back at again with the white vans😂😂😂
firestorm174 firestorm174 Jul 18, 2016
You should try and separate the different themes in one paragraph to different paragraphs