The Girl In Black | ✅

The Girl In Black | ✅

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"You don't belong here." He answers, pauses and continues;
"This school will never accept you. These people will never be your friends. I will make sure of it," Isaac smirks and leans against the locker next to me. The entire student body is still present to witness our brief exchange. Isaac notices the curious stares but is clever in not letting the attention slip his cool facade. 

I know what he's doing. He's waiting for me to snap. 

But I won't. 

I know how to play his silly game. He wants to break me, chase me away but he won't because I will do it first. 

I will ruin him. 
I will ruin Isaac Royal before he ruins me. 

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Cover designed by the amazing @JELLYFACE3

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Absolute_Garbage_ Absolute_Garbage_ 6 days ago
thats won of me 23 siblings nams I fergit I thick its eether tha 4 yeer old or tha 3 and a haf year old
Absolute_Garbage_ Absolute_Garbage_ 6 days ago
I cleen me cloths wiff borax. he usis it as a fas mask?????????? dus it werk????
Sooji154 Sooji154 4 days ago
I can't imagine these characters as seventeen year olds... They look 20's
nanadabestie12 nanadabestie12 5 days ago
Sensitive senses 😂😂😂 you should say sensitive nostrils or sensitive nose. I don’t think his breathe is hurting any of your other senses 🤣🤣🤣
When someone you dont want to tell your name to asks for ur name
nanadabestie12 nanadabestie12 5 days ago
I’m gonna imagine her as someone else, if not I’ll never like the character.