The Girl In Black | ✅

The Girl In Black | ✅

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"You don't belong here." He answers, pauses and continues;
"This school will never accept you. These people will never be your friends. I will make sure of it," Isaac smirks and leans against the locker next to me. The entire student body is still present to witness our brief exchange. Isaac notices the curious stares but is clever in not letting the attention slip his cool facade. 

I know what he's doing. He's waiting for me to snap. 

But I won't. 

I know how to play his silly game. He wants to break me, chase me away but he won't because I will do it first. 

I will ruin him. 
I will ruin Isaac Royal before he ruins me. 

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Cover designed by the amazing @JELLYFACE3

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jesus3372 jesus3372 Aug 13
Emmanuela le jacques of mars the third 
                              Nice casual name to kick it off
AbzyCat AbzyCat 5 days ago
my friend has been reading this and every time somthing cool happens she always shows me and makes me read a part of the book that'll ither make me laugh or make me furious, so i decided to read it myself and so far Loving It!
Amsters21 Amsters21 6 days ago
I'm do confuse why do u reoest the same things am I the only one who See's this?
Layla2047 Layla2047 5 days ago
Okay so I just read till... "I promise" we hugged each other till we fell asleep... Or something like that and I now remember exactly what this book is
literally the prettiest person ever, lq pic of a hq queen dkskdkdkdk
kikidontloveyou kikidontloveyou 3 days ago