Pain Without Love (BTS Jungkook Fanfic)

Pain Without Love (BTS Jungkook Fanfic)

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My Faceu By StevenIsaac7 Completed


He was in a gang with an awful home life. No one knew. 

She was "the whore" of the school because of her mother. Everyone knew. 

Through all the pain, blood, tears, and suffering, can they find love and a happy ending?

"I know what you do in the bathroom with boys."

He was slightly leaned over behind my desk as he whispered in my ear. His lips brushed gently on my ear as his husky low voice made itself apparent, sending chills all over my body. 

"Mind if I get a try."

omo_Hobie omo_Hobie Apr 01, 2016
imma read this book too because your Hobie one was PHENOMENAL!
                              so, i'm very interested
tae_hyung_oppa tae_hyung_oppa Jun 27, 2016
Woahhhh ... Me like this book XD on to the next chapter !!! XD
btsexayyy btsexayyy 2 days ago
Uh ARMY's deal with 7 hot daddies everyday. I guess we can handle some intense situations. Intense like Jimin's thighs oh fu- *dies*
faithkillickk faithkillickk Nov 20, 2016
she's so beautiful and that's so horrible to be normal why am i crying
Tasya_army Tasya_army Aug 03, 2016
U know us kpop fans will probably read this even tho  we're underage..  😂😂
Boi you is a fetus just wait till I call eomma jin on yo äss