Till Death Do Us Part{Book 3} *Completed*

Till Death Do Us Part{Book 3} *Completed*

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*Changed The Title September 27*
Months Later...
She hasn't been here since Rebekah died, she knew she had failed but she was broken. Who wouldn't? Her friend just died at the time. She sighed, feeling disappointed in herself for the promise she broke but now she was back on her feet.

Sebastian opened a door and a soft lullaby filled their ears, the soft pink room decor with big wolf paintings on the wall. A fluffy white carpet covering the floor and a big crib in the middle of the room.

Vanessa's eyes moved around the room and stopped when she saw a music box with two ballerinas dancing around. Next to the music box was a picture of Rebekah, smiling brightly at the camera.

A smile made its way onto her lips as she stared at her friend and turned around to look at Sebastian who hovered over the crib and cooed at the babies. Vanessa walked toward him and stood on the other side of the crib, smiling down at the babies.

Sebastian tilted Summer-rose head carefully and slipped the sun necklace on, the sun twinkling the moment Sebastian leaned her head down. Vanessa turned to look at Sebastian confused but he was looking down at Summer-rose with a smile on his face as she kicked her knees up and moved her hands around with a giggle, her silver green eyes full of innocence twinkling.

"You're so beautiful baby girl." Sebastian caressed her hair softy as he stared at her with love in his eyes. He made Rebekah a promise and he'll comply with it, he'll try and be the best father he could be

He smiled at her and glanced up at Winter-rose who was quiet, just listening attentively. "Hi, baby girl." She smiled at Sebastian and blinked her golden eyes as she stared at Sebastian. "You're so beautiful baby."

Sebastian touched her arm softly and leaned to give her a kiss. She placed her palm on Sebastian's cheek and his smile dropped, her eyes looking deeply into Sebastian's eyes. He saw everything in her eyes, there was still hope.

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coral538 coral538 Dec 16, 2015
Wait so she could still come back to life....I'm so confused at the moment 😂😂
coral538 coral538 Dec 16, 2015
Wait is she like talking to him through the baby, what's going on?
coral538 coral538 Dec 16, 2015
No!!! I thought she lived what no y OMG now I'm crying whyyyy!!! 😭😭😭😭
Hailey04Rae Hailey04Rae Nov 23, 2015
I am crying now and I don't cry when it comes to book now that tells you something
athena_jsa athena_jsa Nov 03, 2015
You update. Very sad chapter. My heart drop also when i read about winter hear beat.