Ok, Who Got Bitten?

Ok, Who Got Bitten?

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Samantha By Samanthue Completed

Right now, I'm squatting in a pile of human waste, desperately trying to get a signal on my phone. My friends are watching me reluctantly, their faces stained with blood and what I only hope is dirt. The light from my phone is illuminating their faces, casting light on the looks of horror that I have come to know all too well.

My best friend is cradling her left arm, bandaged with a torn piece of cloth in hopes of stopping the blood flow. My sister can barely walk, and I think her hand is broken. She looks on the verge of tears.

As we calm down, catching our breaths, I give up looking at my phone. I slowly turn to them, my own face crusted with blood. I look at each of them, one by one.

"Ok, who got bitten?"

ForeverM016 ForeverM016 Jul 19
That begining half honestly sounds like it came from me it is almost scary I know I will love this
Rimplace Rimplace Nov 27
"Idiotic bimbo"
                              Love that one. But seriously thou, in front of the camera one can do some very stupid things.
There should be a rule that anyone bitten by a zombie should have to raise their hand and admit a zombie bite took place.  Blasted lawyers getting in the way of common sense if you ask me.
DaddyEvil DaddyEvil Sep 18
I think appalled is probably right, but I'm still going to read this, no matter if you do look at me from the corner of your eye! ;-)
                              Nice lead-in!
tamoja tamoja Mar 01
Bravo!! Great start. Very likable and zany character. I can't believe he was ready and so not ready. But props to him for going to get his lazy sister. That's really a hero already in my book!!!
Homestucfan Homestucfan Sep 04, 2015
is the song that you put called "Dayz"? just wondering, because the sound of it sounds amazing! I would love to use this on my stories that include zombies.