Forbidden Human Mate

Forbidden Human Mate

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It is said that only the special humans get werewolf mates. Human mates aren't usually frowned upon in most packs, but as for The Larken Moon pack it's forbidden to claim and accept a human mate. Its been this way for centuries.


"Something was pulling me toward the cafeteria. Lord knows that I always avoided that place because I hated being around a lot of people at school. 

Reluctantly I entered the cafeteria. I didn't have any reason to go other than my sudden need to be there, so I just stood by the door. I stood there for about 5 minutes before I realized how stupid I was being. As I turned and walked toward the door I bumped into a guy.

"Oh sor-" He started to say before he looked into my eyes and I swear I saw his eyes get a darker shade of his original brown

"No it's ok, it was my bad." I said before he scoffed and walked past me. Usually I wouldn't have given a shit but to be honest when he did that I got a pain in my chest that caused me to jerk forward."

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ChyGoody ChyGoody Jan 09
Bruh you takin an apple I finna chow down I see bacon I eat bacon, how I was raised.
luluafaliq luluafaliq Aug 23, 2017
brenden is the best i would be his wife if it wasnt for sarah but i still think theyre cute together i love him
Broken_World445 Broken_World445 Dec 11, 2017
Someone should use this on a guy. If the guy says you are a pussy say you are what you eat
I would immediately text my friend and be like girl there's some fine guys over here😉
Minamata-sama Minamata-sama Oct 11, 2017
                              *deep breath* 
                              IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOO!!!
                              I like that when i was a Young girl... my father take me to the city,to see a marching band..... ok,i'm stop
Wow, a protagonist who still has both parents in Wattpad. Well that’s a first.