Death Note x reader (guys x reader)

Death Note x reader (guys x reader)

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Wowie By ghosteevees Updated Mar 02

Just another Death Note x reader story, because we don't have enough already. *sarcasm* JK, I love these types of stories, so yeah, I thought it would be fun.

P.S. This is a L x reader x light and Near x reader x Mello. Yep, I pat myself on the back for my *cough* creativity. Oh, and I'm adding Matt and Matsuda in there. Just so you know. Have fun~!  ;3

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of its characters! Pretty sure you knew that, but uh well!

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Ahquiznak Ahquiznak Oct 20, 2017
I have watched that show 3 times and I wanna read the manga really bad
wintercheetah10 wintercheetah10 Aug 25, 2017
B-B-But that's the name Immah use....*crys* IT IS MEH JAPANESE NAME!!!! NUUUUUU!!! 😭
satans_spawn_75 satans_spawn_75 Jul 12, 2017
I have met some of my friends just because we both liked anime
I accidentally deleted this story from my library and I was on my phone for about 1 hour looking for it cause this is just my favorite story ever then I thought hey I might follow the author and I did so  YAY
Frizzazzle Frizzazzle Feb 14
You can have a cookie if you got that reference and two if you get the entire thing
vmystic19 vmystic19 May 31, 2017
Black Butler phase and Death Note are all me right now! Ciel is bae