Nap time!

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So, you ready to face Death...note? Anyway, I like stories like dis, so I decided to make one. But you could have figured that out without me having to tell you, huh? So, I guess I just put this here so you would have to read this before reading my awesome (sure) Death Note x reader thing. (Just to clarify, this is a L x reader x Light and Near x Reader x Mello. I read a story like this and loved it because of how funny it was.) Also, because I don't want to keep writing (f/n) over and over you know, so I'm just gonna name your best (otaku) friend's name be....uh......YUKI!?!? *cough* I mean


~your p.o.v.~

Ah...Saturday. No school, no annoying family to bother me, and all the youtubes I want!! Time to text Yuki! She can come over and watch Death Note with me! So I pulled out my phone and start texting her.

You• Wuts up, Yuki? Wanna come over and watch some Death Note? :3

Yuki• YAS! We'll start from the fourth episode because I've seen the first three to much :P I'll be over in five minutes~!

Then I put my phone up and walk out into the living room. My family was somewhere and I really wasn't worried about them. I hurried and put on the fourth episode before pausing it at the very beginning, so Yuki wouldn't miss anything.

~time skip brought to you by Ryuk, the dancing death god~

I heard someone knocking on my front door and ran over to it. I opened it and, I saw Yuki there and she just walked past me laughing at my confused reaction.

"Is someone surprised that I didn't wait for you to invite me in? I thought we knew each other more than that." She chuckled and walked into the living room. I sighed and locked the door before going into the living room and seeing she started the episode without me!

"Hey! Why'd you start it without me?!" I demanded.

"Hi how ya doin'? I started it because I saw the remote and the show was paused, so I started it." She replied nonchalantly. I'm pretty sure she just dose this stuff to annoy me. Sometimes I think the only reason we're friends is because of our love of anime. Speaking of which, we had just gotten out of the black butler phase. Damn, we were into that for a long time. Then we fond Death Note. Now we're total fan girls of this stuff. Anyway, I plopped down on the couch and start watching with her. After about ten minutes in, i had gotten extremely tired and laid down on the couch and fell asleep, without Yuki noticing.

^Yuki's p.o.v.^

"YAS, I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!!" I screeched when the episode ended. And strangely, no one yelled for me to shut up. I looked over at (y/n), she fell asleep. Hmm, now that I think about it, I'm kinda tired too. Oh we'll, time for a nap." I shrug to myself and go steal some blankets and pillows from her room. Hehehe, I'm so evil! >:3

I walked back over to my spot in front of the tv and place down her pillows and blankets so i had a make-shift bed. Nighty night~

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