✯Death Note Preferences✯{DISCONTINUED}

✯Death Note Preferences✯{DISCONTINUED}

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Preferences for the characters in death note.

I'm currently doing;

➸ Light
➸ L
➸ Near
➸ Mello
➸ Matt



Please request preferences and give feedback ^-^'

(EDIT: some of the A/N's are cringeworthy and you should ignore them to save my present self's embarrassment)

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Ravris:<smiles and doesn't care if her fangs peek out a little>
LilyanVMina LilyanVMina Oct 31
*tries to use fishing hook to grab it out of the drain*sorry
I want to but I can't..it has fallen down really far and I can't reach it..
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Dec 02
Well I like to stay NEAR him. Get it? Anyone? Ok... •curls up in a corner•
i really like matt's because my mom wont let me go to gamestop anymore because i "play too many video games". lol LOVE MATT
That must be really sad. Just knowing the exact day the love of your life is going to die. Just not be there anymore. He has that constant reminder every time he looks at you and it must hurt.