Wolfstar Oneshots (BoyxBoy)

Wolfstar Oneshots (BoyxBoy)

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Rose-Is-Not-Amazing By UnstableAndQuirky Updated Dec 01, 2016

A bunch of stories I wrote during my cringey emo 13 year old phase, some are better than others, my newest ones are my favourites and please bear in mind that updates are very few and far between, that said, please enjoy :)

- Rosie 

WARNING - There may be a few trigger warnings like panic attacks and (maybe) self harm... I'll let you know in the Authors Notes!

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meme_hell_is_tumblr meme_hell_is_tumblr Apr 03, 2017
That last sentence kinda sounds like he's saying "yo, moony! I know ur gay! I'm gay! I love you! I know everything about you! You're You and you can't change that!"
NewWriterEmerges NewWriterEmerges Nov 24, 2017
This made me tear up, considering these are the thoughts that go through my head when I tell someone I like them.
Gay_Is_Life Gay_Is_Life Dec 30, 2017
I’m a really bad person for some reason I read this and started laughing
SlytheringKogane SlytheringKogane Dec 07, 2017
Me, halfway through a book at midnight: Just one more chapter I swear I'll sleep
                              Me, finishing the book at two in the morning: That was nice *stands up and puts book back on shelf* Well time to read more *grabs three more books and curls up on bed to read them*
Fippogrox Fippogrox Jul 25, 2017
Me: *reads 'farting noise'*
                              Me: God dang it, Fipp. Every time.
justsomeoneoverthere justsomeoneoverthere Feb 26, 2017
Completely different reference that others probably wouldn't even think of, but...
                              I thought of Hamilton, where in Best of Wives and best of Women Eliza is asking Alexander to come back to bed because its late in all... *shrug* Idk