After Curfew

After Curfew

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After Curfew...

Willow's always been known as the good girl with the wealthy parents who could do no wrong. Little do they know that this seemingly perfect girl has some less than perfect secrets; and the fact that she's been sneaking out past curfew every night since the beginning of the summer isn't the worst one. 

Always distancing herself from the people at school can become lonely, but everything changes when a group of bad boys that she meets after curfew one night transfer to her school and begin to take an interest in her; one even more than the rest. But will they be able to protect her when events from her past re-surface and begin to get her into more trouble than she ever wanted?


"Are you that possessive with all your friends? I'm starting to think you like me." I said smirking up at him.

"Don't get your hopes up." He replied, nudging me softly so that my back was against the door of the strangers pickup truck and I didn't miss the fact that his package-that was so graciously rubbing against me-was harder than usual.

"So you just get a boner for every girl you see?" I asked giving him an innocent smile.

"Tiger," he started, using the tone of voice that always seemed to make my knees go weak. The simple word sounded so smooth that I couldn't help but wonder if his tongue was made of velvet... He leaned towards me so that his hot cinnamon breath was fanning against my face. "there's a difference between liking someone and wanting to f*ck them." His words sent tingles down my spine and not even the cool breeze could stop my body from getting extremely and inexplicably hot at his implication.


*Please be advised that this book has quite a bit of foul language, some violence, and other mature (sexual) matter, so read at your own discretion! Thank you!! :) *

Aww I ship Jackson and willow but I predict they're not gna end up togther