That Summer •NaruHina•

That Summer •NaruHina•

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[A/N]I hate this book, it's terrible. If you can handle a whole bunch of errors fine. I'm just too lazy to fix them, i'm sorry. 


The usual Konaha gang had just graduated from Konaha High, and much happens on the night of their graduation. The summer is filled with love, heartbreak, and tragedy.

This does contain almost all other Naruto ships.

This is a NaruHina love story but SasuSaku is the other main ship so expect some of that too.

Thank you!

[3rd place in @NarutoWattyAwardss/ Canon Pairings Category]

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OMG!! So straightforward!!!!! I screamed and now the whole bus is looking at me weird but idc!!! NARUHINA IS LIFE!!! *dead*
I don't really like smut anyway it's awkward, it's probably even more awkward to write.
Lol thank GID ness I thought it was gunna be 'dat' but idk what it means
                              Sorry to tell you I can't finish the story I'm already dead
No smut? *leaves* *comes back* Not even Hinata! No? Ok. *starts crying*