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Point In Line To Your Heart by Karmagical
Point In Line To Your Heartby 진애
AU: Tenten and Neji have been close friends and teammates for a long time, the gang decides to give them a little push. A light story including: high school life, clever...
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🖤 Gentle Weapons 🖤 (A NejiTen Story)  by Naruweeb
🖤 Gentle Weapons 🖤 (A NejiTen Naru;-;fanatic
Neji has feelings for Tenten, but always hid them, because he doesn't believe fate will let them be together. But what happens when Neji can't hide his feelings anymore?
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Sakura's Instagram by may46117
Sakura's Instagramby May-chan🌺
sakuraharuno_328: Come check out my account, feel free to hit the like button and drop a comment down below! = DISCLAIMER: I, the author of this story, do not own any of...
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Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze by Akahana_9
Naruko Uzumaki Namikazeby Jessica
Basically a story where Naruto is a girl called Naruko. Naruko trains with Tsunade and Jiraiya before the academy, and there is no Uchiha Massacre. SasuFemNaru! Sakura B...
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Konoha High School (A Naruto Fanfic) by shuasmornings
Konoha High School (A Naruto circe
[discontinued] Sasuke Uchiha and Ino Yamanka are easily the most popular male and female in Konoha High. It would make sense for them to date right? However, things get...
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perdida :C sakura haruno (2da tem de haruno sakura) by ichogo-sempai
perdida :C sakura haruno (2da ichogo uchiha haruno
que pasaria si despues de la cuarta guerra ninja naruto y sasuke van a entrenar se iran de konoha pero sakura no los quiso acompañar........... que pasara despues de e...
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Worth a Penny (KHS; Anime Fanfiction; Sasusaku) by Kikaraaa
Worth a Penny (KHS; Anime кเкคгค
Sakura's POV I walked straight to the north side of the fountain. Tears flooded my emerald eyes, as it streamed down my face. Hopelessly wishing on the fountain, holdin...
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The Journey Ahead of Us 《Naruto: Konoha High School》 - Book 5 by xo_aestheticvirgo
The Journey Ahead of Us 《Naruto: 알리사
With Toneri and Shin gone, Tenten and Hinata can finally live in peace. However, more drama will be involved. This book will bring you to tears as you read it. Who will...
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Paper fans and lavenders by Kitaoblaze
Paper fans and lavendersby Kitaoblaze
Sasuke Uchiha is the rich popular boy who doesn't give a damn about anything until the Hyuga Heiress decides to move back. Both their lives are turned upside down when...
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City of Night (SasuSaku and GaaSaku, NaruHina, SuiKarin, NejiTen) by AkatsukiNoSeiren
City of Night (SasuSaku and Seiren
"I will die for her if it means keeping her safe..." Sakura has been alone for most of her life until a mysterious boy collapses in front of her apartment buil...
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For the Future, I Wish to Change the Past by SarcasticKitsune
For the Future, I Wish to Change Hayoen
The remains of the Fourth Shinobi War are three people. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They are the only ones left. With his last strength, Naruto uses a Forbidden Technique...
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Raven Blossom series: Midnight Blossom by MrUchiha54
Raven Blossom series: Midnight Jakk Xander Moon
The sequel to The Raven Blossom. Sasuke is released from the hospital and ready to go back home and to school but things don't go as planned. A mysterious man has showed...
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Deseo de navidad by sam_x23
Deseo de navidadby sam_x23
El equipo 7 tiene una tradición y es enviarle cartas a Santa. Esta tradición es gracias a Sakura quién nunca dejó de creer en el y todos se darán cuenta de que algo que...
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The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP) by rxbekah
The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP)by its.rxbekahh
Obito's Kamui malfunctioned, sending the Rookie 9 of Konoha to a entirely new place, one shinobis hadn't stepped on since centuries ago. As they reintroduce themselves t...
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Naruto & Friends: Let's See The Future! by Lucky_C
Naruto & Friends: Let's See The (♡˙︶˙♡)
Naruto has a orb. This orb will let them seem into the future, a person's future can last a few seconds to hours. Watch(Read?) as these young ninjas discover their futur...
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As Aparências Enganam [ Em Hiatus ] by ErikaCarvalho11
As Aparências Enganam [ Em Hiatus ]by Érika
Sakura Haruno é uma garota linda particularmente conhecida por seus excêntricos e inconfundíveis cabelos róseos. Filha de um dos maiores empresários de Tóquio, Kizashi H...
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His & Hers (SasukexSakura Vampire fic) [ON HIATUS] by NaTsuMe_SenJu
His & Hers (SasukexSakura Miona Sanz'nin
"I-I-I don't know. You... You make me feel all fuzzy and warm. I just..." Naruto couldn't explain any further. "Congratulations dobe. You've found your m...
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Konoha's Bad Girls (Naruto Fanfic) by ProdigyQueen
Konoha's Bad Girls (Naruto Fanfic)by ProdigiousAuthor
The 4 bad girls have come to crash Konoha High School. They have destroyed every single school they have encountered. The leader of the bad girls, Sakura Haruno, the sin...
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the girls that changed the heart of others #wattys2017 (Editing) by Jk_Sings
the girls that changed the heart LeiLei
at konoha high sakura, ino, hinata, and tenten are not so popular but, little did they know that the most popular guys in school, sasuke, shikamaru, naruto, and neji, se...
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Surviving The Undead (Naruto AU FanFiction) by Park_Nookie
Surviving The Undead (Naruto AU |Park•Kukki|
Sakura Haruno, and her two childhood best friends, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki, try to escape their high school because of a sudden zombie-attack. After drifting...
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