The Idiot Who Stole My Heart | Septiplier AU

The Idiot Who Stole My Heart | Septiplier AU

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Voltron Hell By TheFeelzAreReal Updated Mar 29, 2017

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Jack didn't ask to move thousands of miles away from home in Ireland, moreover he didn't ask to move to a kingdom that had more problems than it had benefits. Except for his few friends that provided him with a place to stay, he hardly knew anyone or anything that this foreign place had to offer him. Well, he had to admit he was at least somewhat grateful for his job though. Mucking the stables under the King himself wasn't that bad, it could be worse; he didn't mind being outdoors all hours of the day and the pay wasn't half bad...but the package that seems to ride along the tail end has really started to become a nuisance.

Mark didn't ask to be born a prince, especially one that was forbidden to step foot outside the castle else he'd disgrace his family. From what? He wasn't sure, but his Mother enforced the rule harshly upon him nonetheless. As he's pushed towards a life he doesn't want, holed up in the prison of a castle with no friends, he'd come to accept that he would never live a normal life. To ease his mind on lonely days, Mark often visited the stables with a bit of help from some sympathetic guards. The old keeper there was kind to him, as were the workers; he found the place to be his little form of temporary escape. But, on one fateful day he's introduced to a new worker. He is rude and bitter and talks to Mark as if he's held a lifelong grudge against him, but Mark can't help but find the Irishman the slightest bit intriguing. There's something about him. 

As the two slowly begin to get closer, Mark begins to realize that the stable boy isn't really the rude asshole he plays to be. In all, he's just an undeniable idiot...

...An idiot who might just steal his heart.

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