I can't - A Septiplier Fan-fiction

I can't - A Septiplier Fan-fiction

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My little SepticEye By septipliersavedme Completed

"Whether you believe you can, or you can't, you are correct." - Henry Ford

*Sean's PoV*
I can't wait to get back to school. To see Mark again. Mark. Even the sound of his name made me happier. I got into the passenger seat of my dads car and he got in the drivers seat. He looked at me when both the doors were shut but he didn't start the car. "Sean" he said to get my attention then paused for a few seconds then carried on "Sean, you know you don't have to go to school today" he looked at me waiting for a response. When none came he continued "if you don't want to you just have to say-" 
"I want to, dad" I said "I want to go to school." He looked at me. "Dad, I'm fine, seriously." I assured him. "Come on, dad. I'm going to be late."
"If you say so" and he turned the car on and we were on our way.

*Marks PoV*
As I drove to school I thought more and more about Sean and I decided maybe it was best to keep myself to myself for a little while before I introduced myself to him. Although, As far as I knew he didn't hang out with anyone in school. Whenever I saw him he has been sitting alone staring into space. Yeah, Maybe he needs someone. Maybe he needs me.

*Mark's PoV*
He just stormed out of the classroom. I know I should stay put. I should stay here. I can't move. I mustn't move. I can't do it. I can't bare to see him that upset. Before I knew it, I was also running down the corridor after him shouting his name. This is when I realised... I love him

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Sans5111 Sans5111 Jul 13, 2017
                              I feel like Dean Winchester...
BunnieChanime BunnieChanime Aug 13, 2017
Why is no one else bothered by how quickly that escalated? Chapter 1 = Sean gets bullied + never sees again. Yup, that makes sense. 
                              (this was not a huge comment I love this story XD)
Mogo218 Mogo218 Nov 29, 2016
Did somebody steal their car radio? IS THAT WHY THEY ARE SITTING IN SILENCE!?!?
alexthebritishgirl alexthebritishgirl Dec 22, 2016
Oh god this is already got so many feels I dont need anymore
I just started watching jacksepticeye and I'm wondering what his full name? #noob
MeromeIsFriend MeromeIsFriend Feb 07, 2017
I agree just say he had red hair. Well how many people can have dyed bright red hair in Jack's school? It should be pretty easy to determine who it is