Release - Septiplier

Release - Septiplier

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[Sequel to 'Don't Ever Leave']

Mark and Jack were finally living their happily ever after in their cabin, far away from civilization, in fear Mark would forget to take his medication and Dark would be released once again. The only problem with their plan, was that Jack would be caught in the middle of his chaos if their lives turned upside down once again. Instead of living in fear, Jack turned a blind eye and put his trust in Mark.

Not only is the demon in Mark always just a skip of pills away, but an unknown force has been watching and waiting for them to let their guard down with the intent of murder. Jack remains clueless as Mark tries to find ways to protect the Irishman he once killed for. 

Will Jack and Mark thrive in their new life or will Dark break free and hurt the one person Mark loves more than anything? Or will the skeleton in the closet get it's one wish?

[Updated cover!]
[Non-AU: Contains violence/angst]
[Note: Though this story will have a happy ending (as asked for by readers), if you don't wish for a different ending, then I do not recommend reading. Enjoy!]

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