Guilty Little Secret  (Septiplier fanfiction)

Guilty Little Secret (Septiplier fanfiction)

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IM FUNNY DAMMIT! By ToriplierSepticMarsh Updated 3 days ago

Jack has had a crush on Mark since..... Forever really. He just can't tell him about it because he fears it will ruin their relationship they have. It's becomes increasingly difficult for Jack, and Mark for that matter, to keep his secrecy when they both have to share a room at Felix's place. But Jack needs to know before he goes home to Ireland. Will Mark care about him? Or will he have to keep it his guilty little secret. (Roll credits! sin counter: 1 *ding*) 

There probably will be smut in this. It is a boyxboy so fair warning to you all about that!

*ahem* GO DIE AND LET JACK HAVE MARKIMOO!! *clears throat* M'k done yelling. Back to fangirling! *sqeals at the top of my lungs*
So she just randomly came in while Mark was recording and kissed him?
It wasn't like a make out guys. It was like a peck on the lips.  XD no need to be over obsessive. (This was not meant to be offending if it sounded like it was)
Wolfyplier Wolfyplier Sep 20
*cough* Get a room I don't wanna see that *cough* Not because I want Septiplier to be real or anything-
Speaking of the description, I love your cinemasins reference.
Held Amy STAP we the da fangirls don't take to well with that