Damn Royal Bastards

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Jack's POV:

It's only been a week, and already Jack misses home. He thought the transition would've been easy, living in a more populated town and close to his friends. If he wanted to socialize he now only needed to walk 10 feet, whereas back in Ireland it was a good 5 miles before there were any other signs of human life. Money came much more easily as well, along with food. He no longer had to rely on his own poor farming skills when there was a market just down the road.

Yet still every time he looked out at the green pasture he felt a stab of nostalgia in his chest.

About a month ago he had received a letter from an old friend of his, Bob. He'd bought a rundown, but decent, home just outside the marketplace. He knew Jack had run into money problems so he'd offered Jack to come to America and live with him and Wade.

He missed his family and hometown greatly, but he had to admit his life was better now.

Bob had even managed to land him a job. Admittedly, it wasn't much. Mucking horse shit out of the stables wasn't exactly his ideal job preference, but it payed well seeing as it was the bloody Fischbach stables.

"Jack, hey! Jack!" Jack was snapped out of his daze as a hand was waved in front of his face. "You alright there, man?" Oh, Wade was talking to him.

"Oh uh yeah sorry, zoned out a bit there." He grinned at the two, sitting up straighter on the bench.

"I can't believe the queen." Wade spat, resuming his conversation with Bob.

Ah, there they go again. Queen Janice always took on a bitter taste in the townspeople's mouths. If you ever want to turn a conversation sour, all you have to do is merely mention her name.

At first Jack didn't understand all the hate. He found Bob and Wade's incessant grumbling about her irritating for the first few days. But as his week dragged on he began to notice the little things. Taxes were slowly but surely being raised, and the wine merchant seemed to be running out of stock extremely fast. The constant jingling of coins and his extra rolls of fat proved exactly where the town's money was going.

Jack had met her once the other day, and it wasn't a pleasant first experience. The stable keeper, his boss, sent him to go place the request for more horse feed, meaning he had to talk to the queen.

The moment he walked into the same room with her, it was as if the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Her gaze was much colder, with features that seemed much too stretched and strained, like someone had pulled her face back and clipped the skin to the back of her head.

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