Paparazzi Girl

Paparazzi Girl

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Bianca By bianksterrr_ Completed

What happens when one boy - who's made it huge in Hollywood - develops a crush on his... paparazzi girl? 

She's always there, not a minute late. On the streets, overseas, everywhere. He doesn't know anything about her, but frankly, she knows every single detail about him.  

But one misfortune and lie, can lead to many. 

Her boss forces her to form a "fake friendship" with him, and find out all of his secrets, and make them public to earn more money and add honor to their business. 

Will she do it for her father - who was the recent, head paparazzi before her? Or will she do the right thing? 

It's all up to the paparazzi girl.

Can I use the picture under paparazzi girl? We're she's holding the camera? I have been looking for a pic like that for a LONG time. please?
beth_oz98 beth_oz98 Dec 20, 2011 10:09AM
Absolutely loveb your cover! What made you think of the idea? Amazing storyline :)
love it! :) this is sounds like a great story! :) reading on!
PLEASEE upload soon!
                              ahaha and please read my new story breaking promises?? 
                              check it(:
love it!!! but one question....on the 3rd page of the first chappie...who the heck is daniel?? ahaha jus thot id point that out(;
Polo113 Polo113 Oct 05, 2011 01:05AM
I love it!! So much I think I'm gonna skip chores just to keep reading....
                              Hmm, thought process over. SKIPPING CHORES :D